I’m a citizen of Procrasti Nation

So, I told myself I was going to run/walk/bike (and maybe even all three) on my day off, given the junk food Josh and I ate yesterday.  (Oh, but how delicious you were breakfast donut and dinner pizza, with nothing but a Heroes marathon in between.)  I then told dear boyfriend that I intended to: wash the sheets, clean out (and organize!) the closet, put away all the stuff I brought back from our visit to my parents this weekend, and maybe wash the floors.  Josh has been at work for three hours, and I’ve only just got started on laundry.

I had things to do, you know?  Like finish my second cup of coffee.  And I can’t do that without solving some kenken on the computer.  And I can’t just abandon the kenken puzzles, I have to complete all of them to feel like a genius.

Then I was thinking about how I got to watch a Project Runway rerun on Friday after we arrived at my folks’ house, and that Una LaMarche had probably recapped it… and how I was starting to think I enjoy her recaps more than the real thing (maybe just since I need PR-watching girlfriends in Seattle, or at least some friends with cable.  Or even just a girlfriend in Seattle, let’s face it – Sasha wants a local friend.)  So obviously I had to then look-up Una’s latest posting on Huffington Post.

Oh, and I caught up on the past two weeks of celeb gossip, and other random things I could find on MSN.  Even though I don’t like MSN.

So, naturally, procrastination has brought me to posting on the blog, as the closet remains unmolested.  Daphne is on my lap, and I presume is thanking me for at least not procrastinating on her litter.  (I really can’t delay on that though, since her box is in our bedroom, and will be until our house-mate and her cat move out.  And besides, Daph had just pooed in it, and I can’t focus on reading up on celebs when I smell #2.)

Ohhhhhauuuugh.  OK.  I am going to work on the closet and getting the new bag of “Things that hadn’t been important enough to move down before, but now ARE important to have here since I have a job” put away.  I think once I’m done with that, I’ll happily go and get sweaty in the neighborhood, which is what I would do now, save for doubts about my productivity later.

Signing off.  (And maybe singing off, if I put some music on.)


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