Brilliant, Our Neighborhood Is.

So sometimes I have a post bubbling up in my mind because I have had a really good day and I want to share.  The problem?  I’m not sure where to post it.  I have multiple blogs, which I thought made me kinda weird, until one of Josh’s friends made me feel better about it because “it shows that your different blogs have different topics, and so have more focus” than your average blog on the street.  But some of my favorite bloggers (see the blogs I follow) are inspirational role models to me, and I don’t think they lack focus.  But this is coming from a gal who suspects she’s got ADD.  Lord only knows what my focus is like.

Anyway, this blog is about Seattle and my life in it.  I think my life in Seattle includes my job, and I’m beginning to feel better about writing about my job because I’m getting to the point where I can identify the work I do as a passion of mine.  However, this particular posting is not going to be about that, other than to say I had a really awesome day at work — I may even venture to say an awesome week, and I know that the foreseeable future is also very, very awesome indeed.

So, coming off the high of a great week, came my evening.  Josh and I have been falling into a pattern of Fridays being kinda date-y nights.  They’re just ideal, and I love that.  Tonight is no exception.  He played guitar from his guitar-corner.  I delighted in having internet-access at my workstation, which has a convenient view of his guitar corner, and caught up on all my favorite blogs.  After reading a posting from “Freshly Pressed” about relationships, I realized two things.  (1) I love this man and always will, and (2) I wanted dinner.

We consulted, and we divided and conquered.  He took care of the hunt, and I gathered entertainment.  Which brings me to the real point of my post!  I frickin’ love our neighborhood to pieces.  Timeline of “events” follows:

[7:34 PM.  Location: Sidewalk, two doors north of home] See neighbor cat Rothko coming toward me.  I stop to greet him/her, and spend the most delightful two minutes squatting and petting him as he walks in circles around my feet and being lovely.  We catch up on the news (it’s been awhile), and I begin the awkward “I should be on my way…” where I don’t want to hurt Rothko’s feelings by leaving.  I tell Rothko that s/he should get back to keeping the neighborhood safe, and as I stand up, Rothko does this cool leap up the rocks in the neighbor’s garden.  Rothko is our Neighborhood Watch Mascot, for sure.  Catch you on the flip-side, Rothkat.

[7:40 PM Location: Round the corner on Harrison]  I’m crossing the alley, and a toddler boy is running toward me, arms back in the way little kids run, his mom a few steps behind him.

Little Boy: “[indistinct]… don’t have to stop for caaarrrrrs!”

Mom: “We always need to stop for cars.”

I am passing them as she says this, and so two strides later I can’t help but look back.  They are both stopped at the alleyway, looking down the alley, checking for cars.  This is good parenting.

[7:44 PM Location: On 15th Video]  We love this video store, and the staff are awesome.  This place won my heart the first time I set foot in it (Josh had been in it for years), and we were looking for The Spy Who Came In From The Cold.  We asked the clerk about it, and he’s all “Oh, yeah we have it.  It’s in the Spy section.”  This place also has a Superhero section, among others.  Rock it.

Anyway, I head immediately to get the next disc of The Wire because J-Money has gotten me addicted.  A nice couple is kinda blocking the way, but they have a dog, and they seem nice, so I just crane my neck to catch a minute of the movie that’s playing while I wait for them to make their selection.  Not only do they have a dog, but they have an Australian Shepherd, which is the dog of my dreams.  I’ve wanted one for easily ten years.  Anyway, I watch some movie with the Sarah Conor from Terminator that is definitely not a Terminator movie, and when I look back, they’ve stepped over enough to give clearance to The Wire.  I bend down, and they end up walking past me.  Dog smiles at me, I smile at Dog, and as Dog passes, I feel his nose running along the part of my back that is exposed by squatting to get the DVD!  But I felt flattered, cause he was probably blessing me, and that will pave the way to get an even-tempered Aussie that will value running with me in the future.  Yeah, good Dog, good.

[7:50 PM, East of On 15th] Older Woman in 1st floor of condos has her blinds all open and lights blazing.  Her space is absolutely beautiful, like a museum with a collection of beautiful well-loved things.  A gallery of the crossroads of Beauty and Utility.  It was a nice view.  This is the last thing that was pleasant, and was enough to float me home on a cloud of goodwill for our neighborhood.

[7:55 PM, Home] I kiss my love and tell him all of the wonderful things that he missed.  I probably use the word “brilliant” which I do use, a lot, and he teases me for it… he thinks it’s Hipsterish, but is recognizing that I have used that word many times over the past 20-something years, and it has nothing to do with Hipsters.

Probably when my Nana gave me the blue and red striped knee socks that I wore like crazy at age four, in the heat of Hawaii, I probably looked up at her and said “Nana, these are brilliant.”  And they were.

And life is brilliant, really.  And food is ready and Josh is devouring it, and The Wire is singing its siren song, and I will leave you with all of the blessings in my heart, cause I love you.


2 responses to “Brilliant, Our Neighborhood Is.

  1. “Brilliant” is a frequently used word in British English so it makes sense that it’s a frequently used word in your everyday vocabulary. 😉

  2. I’m sayin’. 🙂 My aunt and uncle from England were visiting last week, and Josh overheard my aunt say “Brilliant.” I shot him a look with raised eyebrows, but he studiously ignored me.

    Hope you had a good rest of your day, lady. I’m so glad you’re down here!

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