Belated Introductions

My brother gave me my name. At 2 and half, he tried to say ‘sister’ and said ‘sasha’. My parents gave me a legal name, but called me Sasha, figuring that if I didn’t like it I could use another derivative of my legal name.

This has probably helped me in a few ways. For instance, I got used to introducing myself in front of others. Every first day of school or substitute teacher, my legal name would be called out, and I’d speak up about my preferred name.

It also helped to know that I had a choice. If I didn’t like my name, or felt more like something else, I knew I had some options. It’s just none of the options fit the way that “Sasha” does.

Anyway. Hi, nice to meet you. This is my blog. I’m always happy to share, but sometimes I do put passwords on postings. If you’d like to read a password-protected post, let me know! This is a blog in which I explore different things that bring me joy, or simply my perspective on life as I learn and grow in life.

Love you, even if I don’t know you.


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