3k.words/cause I love you

Dear Readers,

A picture is worth a thousand words. I’ll share a few shots from a recent walk around my neighborhood, and hope that will equate to three-thosand words letting you know that I am quite happy and look forward to seeing you soon.



Such a cheerful daffodil. As a child, the daffodil's apparent pride in its petals reminded me of lions with their manes. This causes me to sometimes refer to them as "Dandy Lions", which can be confusing in absent-minded conversation with others.

This pump is at the top of a terraced community garden. A charming discovery a few blocks from my house.

I am so grateful that these neighbors opted for a carport. It frames a beautiful shot of the Olympics.


One response to “3k.words/cause I love you

  1. Loves! xoxo

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