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Ninety Days

At the end of June, I made a major decision. I decided to focus on myself for three months, and give myself 90 days off from major decisions, and work instead on understanding my moods – what they are like, how they effect me, and what I can do to feel good navigating my way calmly through them.

It’s been interesting. I started out by going hard-core into a new workout routine – which felt great – but began to realize that the best thing I can do is what I’ve been doing for years… walking. (And, you know, occasionally running.) I also began biking to get around and have adventures – it’s been a lot of fun!

Because I was giving myself time off from the big decisions (any major changes, commitments, or purchases), I began focusing more on the smaller ones – checking in with myself to see how I was feeling as I made my choices. I began feeling like the conscious choices were ones where I could both celebrate and learn something, and those are good things to do!

Though I’m not making any major decisions, it’s not as though I’m not thinking about some of the ones that are on the horizon. There are various decisions that I’ve been considering for a while that seem to all be at odds with one another. A crossroads in which my life can go in so many different directions, and which path do I take?

And so I turn to Daphne, who is curled up on a chair, wishing I would go to bed so she can sleep at my feet and not have to guard me from phantoms visible only to her. (She’s pretty protective.)

“Daphne,” I say. She opens her eyes, and I swear she raises her eyebrow. “Would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here?” She fails to play along as the Cheshire Cat, but the words continue in my head. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”

Though I’m only on Day 76, I feel as though I’m nodding my head. I know that at any crossroads, big or small, I’ll be able to follow my heart. I feel grateful to be moving slowly, to be learning how to breathe, and feel like in most situations that come up in life my smile is never far out of sight. Not to say there aren’t hard days, but even those hard days can lead us to the biggest blessings.

Earlier, I saw a picture of one of my totems, a sea turtle, accompanied with, “You don’t have to move fast, just keep movin’ forward.” Agreed. May the next two weeks keep brightening the smile on my face. 🙂 Peace.


Goals and Accountability

Goals: always a good idea.

That sums my current wisdom, as the rest of this post will probably just be pure drivel, though I’m hoping faithful readers (waves to Camille) will help keep me to it.

I’ve been noticing this amazing pattern — if I do something when I’m thinking about it, it gets done. Otherwise, it weighs over me and I avert my eyes from reminders of the task (dirty dishes don’t exist if you don’t see them) and feel this general angst that wakes me in the middle of the night.

And really, the mundane goals are not the ones that matter. What about writing regularly? Why do I use so many excuses? I just had a reminder about this. Reading a delightful series of articles (Freaky Fortnight) I stumbled across Write or Die. I tried it out, and reached my 300 word goal in just five minutes. Really? I could technically do 3000 words in under an hour? NO EXCUSES.

That said, we are facing some computer challenges.  My laptop died, and Josh and I are sharing a computer; I tend not to battle for time on it after work — I’ve at least had access to my e-mail during the day, which can’t be said for him.  But I’m sure if I share my goal, we could work something out.  Perhaps he’ll even help to keep me on task about it.

Other goals?  I’d like to run a half-marathon in June, which calls for some dedication in time, energy, and focusing on health… and I could definitely focus more on maintaining my friendships.  I’d like to learn something new each week, maybe settling on a topic that interests me, and learning what I can about it.  Some of that time could go toward skill-building in the aim of transitioning into publishing in the next five years.

In some ways, I suspect I’m feeling inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project (which reminds me, I’d like to read her book).  I think that for some people, myself included, writing helps to process the changes we’d like to make in our life, and helps to hold us accountable for our goals.  I’m feeling that will be the case here.

I recently took a 7 Habits of Highly Effective People workshop, and I know I could put the skills I learned to use.  I think I’ll do better in  talking it out on here, but I wonder if that’s akin to sharing the rituals of a secret society?  Then again, we are encouraged to share the 7 Habits with others, and the only thing that’s prevented me from sharing that with Josh is that he views it as a secret society-type cult.  I think if he saw me enacting the lessons I’ve learned in it, he may be more open toward hearing about it.  Things to think about.

Anyway, I should stop here… It’s the anniversary of our first date, and I’d like to admire my gifted flowers some more before we take off for dinner.  I can’t believe it’s been a year.  (It feels both too short and too long in the weird way of time.)

More soon, I promise.